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who the fuck wants babies...

I've got three different things I could do friday night.

1. the first, and easiest, is to stay in with michael, watch some more nip/tuck, maybe the rest of Reno911, get a bottle of wine, get some action.

2. the second option is drunken IKEA. This involves spending money i don't have, but it might be fun. However, it means leaving the kitten alone without a sitter for a few hours.

3. the third option is Das Bunker with heather and danny. this is complicated, involves the most money, requires club clothes and makeup, and would mean kitten stays by herself even longer.

so i dunno.

tonight was nice, if simple enough. Michael and i slept through the afternoon, went for Thai (i had curry. it tasted like nothing i've ever had before, but smelled like my house did when i bought it), watched some Nip/Tuck. drove back to oc around midnight, i dropped dreammadeflesh off at his house and drove to my mom's, where i've been watching tv and playing with kitten. I tried to do some knitting, but i'm lethargic and uninspired.

Two baby shower invitations came in the mail this week. scary - my friends are growing up and wasting their lives, and for this i have to buy/make presents. at least at Aronda's shower it's not going to be so much a shower but an afternoon coed party (with alcohol - god, i love the punks).

Nip/Tuck is inspiring some really fun ethical discussions between michael and i. I really like the show. He mutters "scumbag!" at least eight times an episode. i think about having my chin done. he goes off on a rant about hating cosmetic surgery. the teenage threesome episode comes on, and we have sex discussions. I try to convince him that with the right people at the right time, it's not always a horrible thing. i don't think he believes me, but it was an interesting conversation. I explained my theory on the difference between "good friends" and "really good friends" - good friends being the ones you can sleep with for fun.

maybe i should stop drinking caffeine and go to bed at some point tonight.

i'm a tard and left the kitten's bottle at my house. since i don't think the kitten gets enough nutrition eating from a bowl, it's back to petco i go tomorrow.

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