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Why is it that every time I run into an ex I look like hell? Yesterday, when I ran into Brent, I was sick, wearing the same clothes I wore the day before and then slept in, no makeup, wild hair. Last time I ran into him, two or three years ago I was in scrubs, just getting off a busy graveyard shift. Scotty sees me at the funeral, crying and morose.

I've got to come up with some great look for Friday. Maybe the outfit I wore last night.

Yeah, I did a test run on the tight silver dress last night. I'm blaming Andy. I was bored at home, I wasn't planning on going out, we were talking about clothes for comic-con. He suggested shiny. I mentioned that I had a silver dress, but I wasn't really comfortable wearing it out. Then I tried it on ... thought I might be able to pull it off. So, last night was the test run. I think it went well. I was hideously uncomfortable the whole night. But clothes like that take some getting used to.

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