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i nap too much

so yesterday, michael and i had all these plans ...

there were people i wanted to see, i need a new purse, we maybe wanted to see a movie, thrift stores were going to be shopped at ...

after i stopped by the vet to get meds for Flea, we drove to michael's school for something. As we were right near BJ's ...

so we stop for dinner and end up drinking a huge pitcher of cider. and that was the end of that day. Both of us crashed out on his couch for a long nap. By the time we woke up, it was too late for much of anything. I decided i wanted some chai, so we went to Ruba for a drink and to talk about how much we hate all the people there and how we are superior to everyone else.

After that, I dropped Michael off at home and went to visit Charles and Lisa in their new apartment. They do have the friendliest hamsters ever - huey is all cuddly and was hanging out in my sleeve. Zim has scary deformed eyes but is otherwise cute. The hamster balls rolling around underfoot while we were sitting around talking - that was just surreal.

Today, I've got to pick him up from work, then maybe some IKEA with Steph, and i don't know after that. I'm going to drive up to my house and back at some point.

My therapist thinks i might be hypothyroid, so now i'm taking this nasty iodine supplement. we'll see how well this works.

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