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baby stuff

I've got a baby shower to go to tomorrow!
which means that i've got to go baby present shopping tonight.
I think i'll give Aronda the baby hat I knitted, as well. I can make another one for Erica's kid.

After the shower, i'm getting my hair colored, and michael's is getting cut. Mine's faded and his is poofy.

and i think i might even have tentative plans for tonight, with a friend.

Michael gets off work at ten ... i'd like to grab a bottle of wine, make him dinner, do something nice, have family guy queued up on the DVD player. Maybe have a pleasant evening with no arguing. It'll be a nice change. We've both been grumpy lately. I don't know why. stress, maybe.

my brother was completely wasted last night when i got in - like, leaning on the doorframe, slurring his words wasted. Then he took off in his truck for the rest of the night. worries me. i gave him the story today about how i lost my license for a year, and what a pain in the ass it was. I don't think he listened.
and he's a jerk when he's drunk.

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