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my boss is an asshole, but he's not my boss

So after I posted how slow and quiet it was at work ...

a yorkie came in with a puppy stuck in the birth canal at 6am. We close at 8, and I'm supposed to be off at 8:30.
At 7am, we go into surgery. Pull out two live puppies and one dead one.
At 9:15, I wake the dog up. It recovers normally and i put it in an incubator. Clean up surgery,do some post surgical vitals and bloodwork.
Doctor tells me thanks, go home, I know you've got to work tonight. Co-workers tell me go ahead, go home, you've go a long drive.
Asshole boss that hates me working there comes up as I'm clocking out. "Excuse me? What are you doing? This place is a fucking mess still and you're leaving?" (It wasn't a mess. There was maybe ten minutes more of cleaning to be done.) "If you're going to cover someone's shift, you need to handle all the responsibilities blah blah blah ..." So I ask if he wants me to clock back in and stay, and he says, "No. Go home. I don't need anything from you." and walks off.

I should have thanked him for reminding me why I didn't work there anymore, and why I'll never go back except to do a relief shift for spending money. I already stayed an hour and a half over my shift to assist in surgery, and there wasn't more I could do to assist my co-workers. The man is widely known in the veterinary circle as a little tyrant, and is the reason why they can't get good techs working there. I just hate being bitched at when i didn't do anything wrong.

And now, I've got to start getting ready for my shift at my real job ... the one where i get to leave on time ...

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