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The word of the day is: "Avolition"

it means i'm too apathetic to do anything productive. I don't think the thyroid medicine is working. I have the goal of vacuuming before i leave. I want to leave in half an hour. I'm still in my bathrobe. I slept until sunset, when michael called me. My mom called mid-day to make sure i'm still alive and to tell me that my dog misses me. I miss my dog.

maybe i'll just vacuum the living room.

I've got to drive to my mom's tonight so that i can get some sleep and wake up in time to see my therapist so that i can tell her nothings changed, nothing ever changes. After that, michael and i are going to lunch. He's burnt out. we both have tomorrow off. I want to drink at lunch, then steal bread from my mom's house and go feed ducks somewhere. Anyone know any good duck parks in OC?

I bought tickets to Cryss' show in san bernardino on friday. Went by his house this morning, he woke up long enough to give me the tickets, and i spent half an hour talking to his dog. I mis the dog - Rascal was one of my favorite big dogs, and there's not many I like. Half Past Gone is playing with narcoleptic youth, and i <3 narcoleptic youth. yeah, they're silly, but they're fun and they've been an integral part of my little punk existence. and joey bondage/larry is super nice. Driving from OC to San Bernardino on a friday afternoon is gonna suck, and i'm going to try to borrow my mom's fastrack, as much as i hate the toll roads.

as happens often, i've run out of things to say.

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