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nothing to bitch about

seems like everyone has something to rant about but me ...

I'm happy. I'm getting enough sleep. more than enough, but i've been exhausted. I'm going to the river soon. Michael is getting a car. We fed ducks yesterday (thank you, miss_geek, for the recommendation). We had a nice lunch and good beer. I've got a decent schedule for the rest of the summer.

So i have nothing to bitch about.

Yesterday, the heat made the crazy people come out in droves ... everywhere we went, the crazy/retarded would try to talk to us. A drunk in the duck park was getting angry because we weren't friendly, but i'm just not ... Michael and I were relaxing on the grass, flinging bread at ducks, and not in any mood to make conversation with crazy strangers. Then we went to Salvation Army and a 'tard kept harassing us about buying a table. the crazy were out in droves ...

Tonight, I'm driving up to san bernardino ... yay fun wee hoo. but i'll see a couple bands, and it's something different, and i get to pretend i'm still a punk. I hope there's a bar.

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