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I had a whole entry written out, and then my brother's computer went kablooey. damn.

Probably for the best, though ... a large portion of it was a misanthropic rant about how i laugh when i see people get what they had coming ... in the interest of diplomacy, i won't re-write it.

I'm awake in the middle of the day because my mom had a mobile groomer come to the house. Harley was bathed and clipped, and now he looks funny to me with short hair on his ears and no fringe on his legs. He'll be more comfortable for the rest of the summer, though.

I've got to take Harley to the river with me next week. I'm really not so much looking forward to it. The dog doesn't like me. He likes michael, but michael doesn't like him.

the river ... three more shifts this week, and then i'm off for one whole, glorious week, with nothing to do but sit in the sun, at the edge of the water, and drink my bitterness away. I can't wait. And when I get back, there's a band I want to see play, if i'm not too tired and sunburned. if things don't go all catastrophic, I have a really good week coming to me.

I don't think I'm going to be at stitch n' bitch tonight ... in fact, i'm pretty sure i'm going to be asleep.

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