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Today is not going as well as expected.

I was completely exhausted by the time i left work. In fact, I was completely exhausted long before I left work, but i had no option except to keep working until i could leave - 45 minutes after I was scheduled off.

This was due to me getting, maybe, 2.5 hours of sleep the day before.

When I left work, I knew that i was far too tired to drive home. I was nodding out in the parking lot. So I drove to my mom's house. I don't remember driving to my mom's house, but i'm here, so i guess i got here okay.

I had plans with hamsterhuey today. Those went totally down the drain, as the plan was for me to be in moreno valley. So I'm a flake.

I figure, "at least since I'm down here for now I can pick dreammadeflesh up after work, and he can come stay with me tonight at my house." No, he's got stuff to do in the morning. So I don't think that's gonna happen. And there's now a scheduling problem with the river trip. He didn't ask for one of the days off, so now we've got to hope someone can cover.

I wanted thai food for dinner, but I need to be economical, so i made myself an egg sandwich. and it was bland. blah. even dinner was disappointing.

The plumber I called yesterday left a message on my phone early this morning asking that I please call back ASAP, and now, of course, they are closed. I'll call them back tomorrow, but I think fixing my sink will have to wait until I get back from the river. Who needs a functional kitchen sink anyway? certainly not me.

For good news, last night at work I put a urinary catheter in a small female dog. It's a lot more difficult than it sounds, really. Fitting my stubby fingers and the catheter into a very small space and trying to direct it blindly into a very small hole ... but i did it, and it's one more thing marked off my checklist at work.

hoping for a better evening ...

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