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oh, but i am groggy and non-productive today.

Worked last night ... so i was hoping that the last few shifts before I go on vacation would be easy and non-traumatic. I was overly optimistic. Last night I was me, Kristen (the supervisor), and Christina (totally new, can't give any meds or do treatments). So we had Cristina going around doing vitals, and I followed doing treatments and meds while Kristen worked on the critical patient and handled procedures.

It's so frustrating to me to work with someone who doesn't know anything. On top of that, she gives me attitude, excuses, and isn't all that bright to start with. It would almost be easier to not have her there, as someone has to follow her around and double check everything anyway. And she won't ask when she doesn't understand stuff ... she just hangs the card back on the cage and moves on, and we'll notice 2 hours later that a dog needed a BP, or was due for labs, or whatnot.

Graveyard shift isn't the best time to train someone, especially when we're slammed busy and shortstaffed. It's hard on the rest of us.

One more shift to get through before I go to the river.

I've got to make a list of things I need for the river. I've got to pack. I don't know when I'm going to do this. I need to buy groceries> I don't want to buy groceries down here, as I don't want to transport them through the desert during the day. I want to buy groceries out there, but on the way down there I'm going to have the dog's with me and can't leave them in the car. I think I'm left with no option but to make a trip back into town once i get settled in down there. Maybe I'll be efficient and just buy the alcohol and non-perishables here. Maybe I overthink things like this.

Michael's going to want to take the Sea-Doo out every day. The thing is fun ... if someone else is launching it, putting gas in it, taking care of it. I mean, it really is fun, but for me, it's more trouble than it's worth. Hopefully the water is up high so that I can just tie it up in the canal in front of the house, but usually the canal is just a muddy, mosquito infested pit.

One of the girls from work invited me to go out next friday, but I'm going to go see Narcoleptic Youth at the galaxy, i think. Nice to be invited, though. I really like some of the people I work with. I think they think I'm odd, though. No big deal, could be worse. There are a couple people there that think I'm a bitch, but it's just the ones that I don't want talking to me.

I'm supposed to meet up with Michael in a little while. He wants to do something "quiet and relaxing", and so do I. I don't have the energy for much more. Maybe I'll go get a new DVD or something and we can hang out here with some drinks.

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