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Pre-Hyptnotized Peter

What Office Space character are you?
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On that note, I'm leaving for the river sunday morning. I go to work all day tomorrow, taking the dogs with me. I leave work at 2 am, pick up michael, and drive to my house in moreno valley. Hurried packing and snuggling of cats will be done. I wake up (hopefully fairly early) and drive across the desert to the river.

There are already some groceries (mostly beer) in the truck. After i finish this, I need to go out to my car and transfer all my necessary junk (cd's, camera, dog accessories) to the truck. I will, almost certainly, forget something important.

I'm all nervous and stressed, and probably will be until i get out there.

it's okay, though. once i'm there ... i'll be alright.

I'm taking my camera, along with a bunch of batteries. I'm hoping to find a way to upload pics onto the laptop, so I'm not constrained by the small storage space on the camera.

and i decided today, while out getting a couple new cd's for the trip, that I need an ipod. Most unfortunately, i cannot afford one. My life is tragic.

I doubt I'll be online much more until I get out there, and if i do spend much of my time online someone needs to kick me.

wish me luck for these next two days ...

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