February 1st, 2003


Taste of blood on lips of wine

Eventful evening, or more eventful than most ... saw Mudbath. They rocked, as they usually do ... sounded really good, looked hot, and had a couple new songs I really like. One called "Voices" that was great. I went with Justin (marine Justin), he seemed to like them. I couldn't get anyone else to go with ... I love this band. Everyone else should come love them too ...

Rick didn't show up. Idle threats from that boy, as I suspected.

After that, back to TC ... where earlier, Steph had convinced me that the smaller of the two shirts I brought with me did not cross the line into skanky. Andy, Kelly, and Michael had shown up by that time ... Michael has been in quite the vicious mood lately ... which is fucking hilarious as long as it's not directed at me. :) So we sat and talked, as we do ... Chucky showed up with his punk rock friends, all drunk, some more so than others. I ended up kinda knowing one of them, he's a friend of my ex-boyfriend Scotty. When he found out that Scotty was my ex, he said "oh man ... I'm sorry for you" which made me feel more pathetic than usual. When the moron drunk punk feels sorry for me based on my choices ... just sad. Anyway, this same guy, later, decides to come up behind me while I'm talking, grab my ass, and try and hang on me while asking me to buy him alcohol. Not a smart way to endear yourself to me, stupid boy ... I don't liked to be grabbed, groped, or hugged by people I don't know well. Hell, even by some people I know well.

Needless to say, the boy did not get any alcohol from me.

After that little bit of uncomfortable, kicked-off-the-patio time came soon ... Talked to Michael a bit in the parking lot ... talked about how we never really get to hang out due to the hours we both are working, and that I live so far away ... makes me sad. I love my house, I hate that it's so far from the people I care about ... I don't want this whole thing to not work just because of the distance. It's too good ...
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