February 6th, 2003


Why would they automatically give the spurs to me?

my god ... two shifts in twenty four hours ... I hate doing that. I'm physically broken at this point. At least it wasn't too busy at Central tonight. And I got an IV catheter into the front leg of a ferret ... go me. I rule, yup. Quite proud of myself for that one.

Tiffanie brought for Dr. Harris a bunch of old horse equiptment that had belonged to her grandfather ... lots of neato stuff to play with ... we were out in the parking lot trying to use the bullwhips without injuring ourselves and each other. I ended up with mine wrpped around me, and that seemed as good a point as any to give that up. Tiff and Dr. Harris decided that the spurs should go to me, and made several vulgar comments about how I should use them. They assume so much ...

So I have a nifty pair of spurs, I just need to get new leather pieces for the straps, as the leather is old and cracking. And I need to polish the metal. Cool new toys.

Left Central at 11 ... Marge had called not too long before and said people were at TC, so I went by there, in my scrubs ... kinda funny, I show up without makeup and Andy asks if I cut my hair. Armand was there, Andy & Kelly, Beth, Tyler (briefly), Michael, and some other random buscuits ... most left around midnight, so I hung out with Michael ... met a strange creature that grabbed the buckle on the jacket I was wearing, scared the hell out of me, and spoke in poetry. Can't remember his name, some guy Michael knows. Intriguing creature, from a distance. Or maybe just crazy. Made tentative plans for tomorrow, then left there just after two and drove home.

So nice, not having to work tomorrow ... I'm worn out.
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At some point, by tomorrow, this house has to be clean ...

At this point it's a mess ... but getting better. I just have to get off my ass and get this done.

Marge is coming up here tonight ... she may be recruited to vacuum ...

It's beautiful up here today. Clearer than anything, a nice cool breeze ... sky wide open. So blue. I love my house.

So my plan for today: Michael is supposed to call me sometime after he gets off work. That may or may not happen. I have to meet up with Marge eventually. My house has to get shiny clean at some point. I have to run by my mom's house to get the ticket for tomorrow.

Ok, I think I can handle this.
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