February 13th, 2003


No soda, but lots of beer

I'm housesitting again, for Rachel ... watching her two big obnoxious dogs, trying to keep them from killing my little obnoxious dog ...

They left me no soda (grr...) but there are three 12-packs of yummy beer in the fridge ... I can see how this weekend is going to go. Not a lot of food I can/will eat here, either, but Del Taco is only steps away ...

I way overslept today, but I've been running on fairly little previously ... didn't get to sleep until after noon, and woke up around 8pm. Took a shower at my mom's ... no fucking soap in the shower. No soap in the entire bathroom, I quickly realized. I know other people use this shower. Irritating.

Went to Rachel's. got the housekey, then went to Central to talk to Dr. Harris. She has a great schedule that works out for me, and actually gives me more hours than I have at garden grove. 9-9 graveyard saturday, 9-9 graveyard sunday, and 6-1 swing thursday. It would work out great, she's just got to confirm it. I still forgot to talk to her about money, though ... why do I always forget the important things? Probably because I know what is important to me, and money is not as important as liking my job.

From central, on to tc, briefly, saw Andy, Kelly, and one of the way-too-tall twins. Left after much animated discussion of Ren Faire, which I need to do this year, and get my dress and hat down from the closet.

Discovered that hot tea does not feel good on new fillings.

Don't know what my plans for tomorrow are ... I guess I don't have any as of yet.
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Anyone know how to say "I don't want a french manicure" in vietnamese?

I went into a little cheap nail salon today to get the nails repaired that I broke wrestling with Christoff at my party. I got a pedicure too, as I decided that I wanted to splurge on myself. And I hate painting my own toenails. Chick fixes my nails, does a totally crappy job on them, and starts painting the tips white.

"hey ... um ... why are you painting the tips white?"

"frech mahicur."

"I don't want a french manicure ... I was going to paint them red."

"yah, yah ... frech mahicur."

back and forth a couple times like this, and I gave up ... I couldn't understand her, she couldn't understand me, and no one in the place appeared to speak english any better. Meanwhile, the girl who was doing my feet was doing the same thing to my toenails. So I left with gawdawful ugly, cheesy, gaudy fingernails and toenails ... as soon as I got back to Rachel's, painted over my fingernails with the only color I could find at the time, silver. Still gaudy, but a level of gaudy I find acceptable. My toenails still look ridiculous.

After that adventure, I met up with Stephanie, and went on a bit of a shopping spree at South Coast Plaza. Blew what was left of my Xmas gift cards, got some sexy new stuff at Victoria's Secret, including this cool old style garter thing and matching bra. yay me. Not that my underwear get seen as often as I would like, but a girl can hope ... got a bunch of other stuff too ... restrained myself at the hello kitty store, walked out of there with a necklace and the ugliest hello kitty doll ever made ... It looks like a plaid dacshund with a hello kitty face.

I woke up ungodly early this morning. At 7:30, I'm up, awake, and out of bed. And bored. My sleeping patterns are so fucked up. So I worked out for a while, played with the dogs, and watched crappy daytime TV. I almost miss my house. I hope something interesting goes on tonight ... something needs to happen.
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