February 24th, 2003


Some randomness.

It feels strange to sleep on a Sunday night, and awake in the daytime on on Monday. I'm off Sundays in two weeks, though, so it's a nice thing i get to become used to.

I have a thing for fat grey cats. The one that animal control brought in Saturday night, and there's one at my work as a donor cat that I love. She has a name but no one at the hospital can remember what it is. Sad. So I call her Butterball. If I had room for one more ... but I don't.
"All cats are grey in the dark."

All of my animals are set against me right now, it seems like. The dog wouldn't settle down for the whole trip home. Jumped all over me. The bird really attacked me when I got home. I had to wrap him in a towel to put food in his cage. The cats, as always, are indifferent. The animals always choose the worst days to be difficult. I'm still not feeling well, espcially after that drive.

This illness is just lingering ... i want to be well.

Johnny called me this morning. Said he woke up thinking of me. I'm not sure what to think of that. Another time ... could have been. He wants to hang out. We probably will, maybe later this week. I will be a good girl, as I always am. He sounds happier. I was worried about him.