February 26th, 2003



Strange since I woke up yesterday ... everything over the night seemed clearer, sharper, more vibrant than reality usually is. I thought is was the just-got-rain-washed way the world gets, but something else was going on ... when I left, it was raining, lightly, but the sun was still up, so it was an interesting phenomenon ... made me smile. The drive down was beautiful, colors and formation of cloud I've never seen before. A sun that took forever to set, and for once I didn't care that I had forgotten my glasses. Light and color all the way around, from the time I left my house until I got to Orange County. I couldn't begin to describe it.

Saw some of the usual at TC. Marge, Christine, Andy, Kelly, both Justins, Jill, Matty, and Michael and Jessica showed up after a while. I ended up wrestling Justin (Jarhead) on the patio. Kicked his ass and didn't break a nail. Read most of Marge's Human Sexuality textbook. Didn't learn anything new. Andy was in a subdued mood.

Went to work after, feeling like crap. Not to busy, but one interesting thing. As I was sitting at the treatment table, debating nail polish colors and testing out my newest lipstick (what? anyone think I actually take care of animals?) I looked up at the security cameras and noted many flashing lights. Curiosity piqued, I go to the front door to see what happened. I hadn't heard a thing. A drunk had managed to wrap his truck around the telephone pole directly in front of the clinic, and the fire department was in the process of cutting him out. Amazingly, the guy was still alive. So that was an interesting process, and gave me something to watch for an hour or so.

After that, I'm surprised I made it through the rest of the night, I was feeling so bad. Coughing, coughing, coughing, and just feeling ill. I so just want to get through this.

I think I may go out tonight, just to disappoint myself once again.
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