March 10th, 2003


Home ...

Finally home again ...


No work until late tuesday night ... by then I should be recovered from all the work I did this weekend ... I'm exhausted.

I may even break my rule and go out Monday night, since I get to sleep tonight.
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Day of Productiveness

Well, not as much as I could have been, but I'm getting stuff done ... I need to borrow my mom's steam cleaner, one of these days, and really get the carpets clean ... went to the grocery store and finally got food for my house, and now I really have no more expendable cash, but diet code red mountain dew makes it ok ...

i think i might even break out the vacuum tonight ... I'll probably wait until 3am or so, really annoy the neighbors.

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I need to get out soon ... maybe tomorrow, maybe wednesday ... I don't socialize enough, and I forget how. But I had to pull back from the OC thing a bit, and it may have done some good. Or may have done damage. I don't know anything anymore. And E-mail confuses me. Certain e-mails confuse me. Cetain poems confuse me.

Lacie wants to go to the river a week earlier than I can ... I can't really change the date I'm going ... well, I can, but I don't really want to ... but I want to see her. We don't get together nearly enough. I've known her all my life. There is a picture on the wall of her parents place of us playing together as babies.
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