March 12th, 2003


Quote of the evening.

From Jarhead Justin, to me:

"Yes, I'm calling you weird. That's how you know you're fucked."

briefest of updates, since I just got home from work and I want to crawl into bed ...

TC last night, most of yesterday afternoon actually, since I felt such a need to escape my house ... saw most of the usual, some I did not know, and no Marge or Steph. It was quite a testosterone-fest after a while, and once again, my breasts were the topic of conversation.

I don't think they're anything special, but the boys seem to have so much to say about them. Andy, anyway. Dave Stone had a few choice words as well. And Josie was no help.

Saw and talked to Jessica for a bit. She had a good word for me ... "closure". I like this word. I need some. Or something. Or to control my fucking girlbrain. Ack. But I don't really want closure. I want things to go on. fuck.

Work ... work was work. Lots of time to dance and exercise and read and such things. no one comes to visit me :P ... I re-read "The Stranger" last night. Love that book so much ...

and now off to sleep and to wake up again and hopefully go do something fun. and maybe really geek out tonight and learn to play counterstrike.
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tax return

I found out today what my tax refund is going to be ... :)

I love having a house.

It may be time to pay some bills, get some credit cards paid up ... and it may be new tattoo time.

Anyone got any ideas for my shoulders? I want to find a big, dark piece ... cover up that stupid "fuck you" heart ... symmetry is important ...
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