March 19th, 2003


I feel so loved.

Shaun Hunter is coming to see me tonight. Wants to know what there is to do up here. I laugh and say, "Go to Orange County."

I guess he's visiting his grandma this week, who lives a few miles down the road from me. Called me Monday and wanted to hang out, so I looked at my schedule and decided Wednesday was free. So I don't know what we're going to do. He wants to go get dinner, I think, and then I dunno. Maybe go find an alley to get drunk in.

johnangel kept me company at my work last night. Anybody want to know how boring my job really is, he can back me up on this. Quite interesting conversation about telephone numbers and such things. I'm all happy, someone came to see me! Makes my night go by so much faster.

TC was odd last night. The shop itself was sorta closed, as they were remodeling the bar. So no hot drinks. No tea, oh well. We were all hanging out on the patio anyway. It felt a little odd, and it was probably just me, but in a good way. A little more relaxed there than things have been. Until a spider crawled on me, anyway.

And I got free smokes at Q Club ... that just made my evening. Camel had some promotion going on. And then pink80s and I sent Cryss in to get more free smokes for us, even though he thinks he's all straight edge now. He protested, but we pouted and got more smokes.

OK, keeping this brief, since Shaun is on his way and I still haven't even taken taken a shower. I lag so bad ...
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