March 21st, 2003


Dog parts.

So much to say, and so little energy to say it with ... I will write later, when I'm sure I will have forgotten all the things I want to put to paper (screen?).

I held a poodles spleen in my hands tonight. It felt funny.


Exploding poodle

•A woman walked into a Laguna Beach hospital the afternoon of March 8 to report she had been assaulted by her roommate. Instead of receiving treatment, she was arrested on suspicion of public drunkenness. She'd walked into an animal hospital.

- OC Weekly, March 20, 2002

This is the shit I deal with, people. Considering the last place I worked was an all night clinic in Garden Grove across the street from a dive bar. We would get people stumbling in all the time in the middle of the night, trying to pass out in the lobby, or asking for us to call cabs. I would always call cabs for people. However, no one was allowed to sleep in the lobby.

It was kinda funny one night ... I was working graveyard with my friend Jeremy Jones ... a rather big guy, six-and-a-half feet tall, and rather solidly structured. The bell rings and I go to the front desk ... drunk guy wants to pass out on the bench. I tell him to get out. He tries to push $10 at me, and I tell him again to get out. He ignores me at that point and lies down on a bench in the lobby. So I go to the back and request assistance from Jeremy.

Jerm walks up front. "Hey, man ..."

And gets no further than that. Guy was out the door before Jeremy could finish the sentence.

I like my graveyard shifts alone. But working with large, imposing guys has the obvious safety benefits. Luckily, I don't get nearly as much traffic at the place in Newport, as it's kinda out of the way ...

I think I'm done with that tangent ...

Nothing really going on lately. Worked last night. It was all quiet and slow, and then this standard poodle came in the door ... the owner hadn't called, so we didn't even expect it ... abdomen distended like a balloon. For the entering complaint, the owner wrote, "exploding". I got quite a bit of amusement out of that. So we did the surgery ... The doctor wanted assistance, so i scrubbed in and gowned up. I always feel so important when I do that. Odd little ego boost. So I spent most of the next hour elevating a spleen and holding open the abdomen, and then I had to verbally teach Tiffanie how to pass a stomach tube, since I had my sterile hands in the abdomen and couldn't touch anything else.

There are better times to find out that someone has never passed a gastric tube before. But it all got done well enough. There are also better time to realize that the anesthetic machine is leaking isoflourane gas. I couldn't figure out why i was yawning all through surgery, until we got done and found a piece of the machine loose.

After surgery, stephinextremis came by to see me. Quite nice. We hung out for a while, I showed her around the tiny little hospital. Made my night better.

Tonight, I dunno ... I have to go have dinner with my family, they're all getting together at my cousin's house in Long Beach. There will be children there ... My aunt makes great food, though. This may be fun, or miserable. Or both. After that, I'll probably go to TC and hope for something (someone?) to do.

I found out, via AIM on my cell phone while I was on the freeway home last night, that Duster died in some sort of weird accident last night. Much sadness. That rat had quite a personality.

Anyone wanna go to see Subhumans with me? you know you wanna .... $10 tickets ... come on ... April 4 ... a friday ... it'll be fun, get all punk rock with me!
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