March 22nd, 2003


Miss Kitty's

So, last minute plans made last night ... Jarhead Justin called and wanted to see if I wanted to go to a club with him. My plans for the evening having previously been to go to TC and maybe shoot at things at 3DO, that sounded like a good idea to me.

So, after an excruciating family dinner in which nothing vegetarian was served except the salad, and my mom was whining because her sister has grandkids and she doesn't, I went down to TC, hung out for a while and met up with Justin.

Amazing the reaction I get at TC when I show up in a miniskirt and nylons. Quite the ego boost.

So the club was way fun. I ran into someone I know there, my friend Question, who proceeded to impress me by winning a deep-throat contest. The boy has skills the likes of which I've never seen, and well deserved the gift certificate he won for doing obscene things to a corndog.

I got to dance, which I really needed to do .... had to get that out of my system. Though most of the music inside sucked, and no one was dancing outside. Drank whiskey shots. I didn't feel like dealing with the complexities of ordering mixed drinks. I never know what I want. Apparently the night had a hillbilly theme, so lots of gay boys in denim cutoffs prancing around. Some of the most real looking and some of the ugliest trannies I've ever seen. All in all, a fun club, and i'll probably go back eventually. Justin is fun to go clubbing with, too.

Tonight ... work ... 14 hours ... I've not had nearly as much sleep as I would like in preparation for a 14 hour shift ... ack.
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