March 24th, 2003



A good friend of mine once called me the queen of sleep deprivation. I think he may have had a point. I'm still awake.

I'm pretty much a functional zombie right now. five hours of sleep since friday. And I'm having ridiculous thoughts like, "I wonder how long I could stay awake? I bet I could make it another day ..."

But that would be stupid. An interesting experiment, but just stupid. I'm home. My bed is here. My dog is already sound asleep. I should be too.

I have lots of thoughts running through my head ... stuff that I need to spell out on screen to see it from a clearer perspective. But I want to write it all out with a less fuzzy brain.

In short, though, life never seems to get less complex. But an expansion on that will come later.
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Catalyst for badness

So I finally got some sleep ... and I feel so good now.

Need to run all sorts of errands today ... go to the bank, go to the store, I need to clean my house, take out the trash that I can't lift, and do laundry.

So there is something going on that may be bad. I am not doing this, but I may be the cause for it ... And morals are subjective. If I was doing what has been done, I would think it was bad ... but others may not consider it bad. So I'm trying to figure out my moral obligation in this situation where I am doing nothing I see as wrong, and others are doing things that they may or may not see as wrong but if I were them I would think of it as bad and not do it. But I am not them, and in the end it really doesn't matter, my overthinking things isn't going to change anything.

Everytime I think things have calmed a bit, life gets messy ...

Oh, I ran into Rick last night. Marge called me before I went out to tell me that Ben had been to TC, seen him there, and IM'd her to tell her. I went, and Steph met me at my car to inform me that he was there. And I go in, and he says hi, I say hi and keep walking, to a table nearby with Steph and Norm. A minute later Rick gets up and says he's leaving ... I say, "oh, good, I need a chair" and take his chair from the table. Which may or may not have been a little harsh.

So I walk inside a minute later, and Andy says, "Three minutes forty-two seconds."


"That's how long it took after you showed up for him to leave."

Apparently this was an anticipated thing. I just think it was funny.

So I'm testing out my ability to post images ... bear with me here ...

Another outlet for my vanity. Yay.

And I'm getting a little better at Day of Defeat. Once I figured out where i set the commands to, I could actually play and killed Justin a couple times (maybe once for every 10 times he killed me). But better! Eventually, I will get good at this ...
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