March 27th, 2003


Just One Fix

I saw Ministry ... it was beatiful ... absolutely amazing. Overwhelming and indescribable.

Oh, and loud. I can hardly fucking hear. But that's ok.

I caught this little guitar slidey thingy that was thrown out into the crowd ... I didn't really catch it so much, as I was standing there with my eyes half closed spacing out on something and it hit my chest. People were looking all around the floor around me, and I just stuck it in my pocket. So I have a nifty little souvineir.

Poor Heather has food poisoning or something .. she was feeling sick all through the show. So she didn't get to go down front with me. Nice to see her tonight, though. We went and got a drink and talked before the show. She always is great for advising me on the situations i get myself into ... I usually ignore her advice, and then later realize that she was right and I should have listened. As I will do again, and probably again and again. Heather tries to run my life, and i subsidize hers.

Went By TC after the show, saw some people, changed out of my plastic clothes and into softer ones, and hung out for some entertaining conversations. A few moments of slight awkwardness, and I don't think I was the only one who felt that way. But it's all ok and fairly irrelevant.

Going to be in OC for pretty much the rest of the week, but I'm working most of that time too. I'm working tonight, Friday (ack) as a favor to someone, and Saturday grave. Then Sunday off to the river ...
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