April 11th, 2003


It's hot and I lag.

Five PM, and I have done ... nothing. Not that there is anything to be done. It's so hot today, and I'm hoping for the rain that may come this weekend.

My friend Joe called me last night while I was on my way to work. His birthday is this weekend, and he's having a party Saturday, and wanted me to be there. Of course I work Saturday night. As I do every Saturday night. So I tell him that, but I say that I'll try to get the night off with little optimism.

Get to work ... make one phone call ... shift covered. That's why I like working at Central. People there are happy to work, flexible, and nice. The girl that is covering this shift, I'm covering a bunch for her in May. At Garden Grove, I would have never been able to get someone to cover a Saturday grave, and most of the techs there aren't strong enough to work alone anyway. My new job makes me happy.

Though it was frustrating last night ... Most of the clients were total asses. Like, why did you bring your dog in if you don't want to treat it? Three people last night declined treatment. One guy was so rude from the beginning I ended up totally flustered, and another couple spent an hour in the exam room trying to decide what to do, and ended up doing nothing.

Part of the reason I like emerency work is that I only have to deal with these people once. If I was in day practice, and had to deal with these people with long term care, I'd go crazy.

And after work, nothing to do, everone I talked to was going to sleep, so off to home. Fun. Thursdays always suck.

I have some plans for tonight, and I'll probably stop by TC beforehand, I think. I told Andy I would try to stop by.

Looking at college courses for this summer ... Mt. SAC has 6 week summer courses I think I could handle ... I may be looking into that soon. I need to be enrolled in school ...

Lots in my head, but little to be put on paper ...
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