April 26th, 2003


There is no dignity in throwing up.

So you develop an idea of how much alcohol you can handle, and limit yourself to drinking in moderation, and your body decides to rebel against you and forget it ever had any tolerance for alcohol at all.


I think I'm placing the blame on Joe's vanilla hazelnut martinis ... so much stronger than they taste, and vodka has never been my friend ...

And half the people that said they would show flaked ... the people that did show showed up mostly after 10 ... if i don't start seeing more enthusiasm out of you people, you all can have your own parties! ok, so i did have fun, up to the point of spinning and vomiting, and I'm glad that people came out here, i know it's a bitch of a trip. marine Justin was nice enough to hold my hair for me, and not laugh too much at my singing while trying not to spin. Everybody seemed to have fun, as far as I can tell ...

woke up this morning to an empty house, not too messy, and a ridiculous amout of alcohol left over. So if anyone wants to come up and drink with me ... ;)
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