May 16th, 2003



You're the Pink Panther!
You're the Pink Panther. Suave and sophisticated,
you enjoy your superiority and your natural
grace. Though to some, this attitude makes you
appear arrogant, most people are attracted by
it rather than turned off. You especially enjoy
being in the social spotlight. It just doesn't
get any better than this.

Which famous feline are you?
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that so rocks ... i love the pink panther.

In other useless information, Thursdays always suck ... i hate swing shifts ... it was really busy tonight, which is good, I like busy, but this was a night i would have preferred to be outside, under the moon. I only got a few glimpses of the eclipse. I probably could have gone out after work, but i'm tired. The fact that I do nothing on Thursday but deal with work annoys me.

ah well, tomorrow is always better. Band practice, should be fun, though I have not had the time I need to practice the bass stuff, and I'm having issues reading the music ... all to be worked out.

hopefully I can sleep tonight.
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So much done before the sun even sets.

I have my own bed again! I finally decided that i was sick of sleeping in the middle of the living room half curled up on the reclining couch. So I talked to my mom, and she said I could sleep on my brother's old bed upstairs, I just had to get sheets for it. So off to Target ... got nifty bright red sheets. Got a set in the same color for my bed at home, since my flannel sheets just aren't going to work wonderfully out there in the summer. So, yeah ... I have a bed to sleep on when I'm in OC. My back is happier for it. Now the room, being my brother's old room, is decorated in race car models ... I'm going to see what I can do about that.

Went shopping with stephinextremis today ... found the coolest prom-dress outlet store ... along with a purple outfit that covers all my tattoos for the wedding, i have a new skirt and a hot pink halter thing. Yay me. And new trashy underwear.

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the people in my band will be here soon ... I probably should be getting ready.
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