May 19th, 2003


like a fairy tale ...

The wedding yesterday was beautiful ... a small church wedding, not too long or complicated. I arrived before any of the people I know did, so I spent maybe 20 minutes sitting in a church by myself, surrounded by people I didn't know. slightly terrifying. But what can I do ... sit there , look scared, and deal with it.

Trisha, the bride, looked totally radiant. Made me glad to see someone I know so absolutely happy.

I want to be so happy ... someday, maybe.

then the reception ... guy at the bar really had no clue what he was doing ... I ordered a vodka collins and got something that i think was a vodka with tonic water ... maybe. He made Naomi's Midori sour like a martini, shaking it with ice ... it was ok, like that, just more complicated than need be. We had fun with the drinks, trying to figure out what ingredients were in our drinks.

No one knows how to dress for a daytime wedding ... I may have been a bit overdressed, but I have tattoos to cover ... at least I didn't show up to a church wedding in denim and a tank top. Tina Uyeno and I, being the only real smokers of the group, spent a portion of the reception outside gossiping about the clothes of the other attendees.

Trisha tried to get us all to dance, but the dj was playing total crap ... country and love songs and such. I tried for a minute, but people started doing that country line dancing thing, and there was no way i was going to be a part of that.

So it was fun and I'm glad I went.

Debating going out before work ... eh ... lazy ... maybe just for a little bit.
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