May 28th, 2003


We now return you to your regularly scheduled life ...

oh, this freedom is glorious and it's all mine ...

I walked out of the hospital tonight and felt a weight lift off my shoulders ... I'm done with Memorial Day weekend hell, and I don't have to go back to work until Saturday night. Beautiful ... too wonderful.

It was really quiet in the hospital tonight. We only saw one dog, an awful little Shar-Pei with awful owners. A demon-child (and that phrase coming from Jamie, who loves kids) who did his best to make a mess of the exam room and lobby, ate a ton of candy from the jar on the desk and left the wrappers all over, tried to break our stapler, screeched when not getting attention, and kept trying to get into the back of the hospital while we were treating the dog. Child's mother ignored him for the most part, pausing occasionally from her cell phone conversation to yell at child, who ignored her.

Anyway, that was the only dog we saw all night, so I left at 10:30, changed into outside clothes, and went by TC. So nice to get out and see people ... ran into stephinextremis, Nick, Andy & Kelly for a brief bit, Lisa, and dreammadeflesh. So, so nice to see people ... what i needed, anyway. So everyone drifted off, and Michael went to go shoot things at 3DO, so I went by my family's house to get my dog, and then off to home.

A nice drive ... through orange county fog, and then into the warm desert night ... letting newsradio chatter at me while my mind wandered ...

You are a Succubus!
You are a kind of demon, but your only goal is to
lure the innocent and naive into your deadly
trap. You use your sinful body to worm your way
into the hearts of mortals. When they have
fallen for you you rob them of everything they
hold dear - and last you take their very soul.
Yet you are a creature of pleasure, delighting
in all sins the flesh has to offer. Your
victims die with a smile on their bloodstained

What kind of supernatural being are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm not really a Succubus ... I think. But i do love those sins of the flesh. Do I do so much damage? I guess as long as they're smiling ... it's alright.

I've decided I like Christina Aguilera's music and i'm not ashamed to admit it. Listen to Fighter ...

So I have the rest of this week free and open to me ... I have no plans for tomorrow, let the day go as it will, i guess, whatever adventure may come, I'll probably be down in OC ... I'll almost definitely be down in OC, barring catastrophe ... Thursday I have band stuff to do with pink80s and then a trip up to Hollywood is planned ... and Friday is wide open. Oh, the luxury of free time ...

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Something really annoys me about hearing "Blitzkrieg Bop" as an AT&T commercial ... it's the punk purist in me or something.

I should probably go to sleep at some point so I don't waste all of tomorrow ...
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the problem with making a choice is that something is always decided against. All possibilities that could have sprung from a different decision made at that moment are lost forever ...

and i know i have made the only choice I could make, but i have such self doubt ... I have such a hard time letting go of things ... and I have to learn that I can not have everything I want.

No matter how much fun. mind or body ... this is cruel.
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