May 29th, 2003


makes me that much stronger ...

Wy does everybody want what is not theirs? I have so much time invested ... I have given up other things very important to me ... and I am happy. It is something wonderful. Interference is not welcome.

So yesterday ... Got up early (for me, 10 am) and ended up online, talking to Ben ... decided that I wanted to have lunch with him and I wanted veggie food from Alta. So I get my lazy ass ready in record time (under an hour!) and drive down to Newport Beach.

Had a really pleasant lunch with Ben, in which we talked of sailing and women and porn and sunglasses and such things. hung out with him until mid afternoon, and then went on a trip to rescue videos from Michael's house, so i can get them back from the rental place before my late fees get into triple digits.

After that small adventure, I went to TC, where I was to remain for the rest of the night ... got some reading done before it got busy, had some fun and interesting conversation with clockworkbadger and kelly. Like I was warned before I went to TC ... no one will let you read there ... I gave up after a while. And then I saw stephinextremis there, so I went outside and played social. Had some whiskey in my car with steph, and was able to play social better.

saw Tristan, who I haven't seen in ages ... drunk and trying to find a ride to a party in Fullerton ... he's an entertaining little creature. Kinda makes me think of elves.

Dave Stone has taken to making strange noises at me, and it disturbs me greatly.

Eventually everyone drifted off last night ... the security guard threatened us with police again, so we went to watch wubby get his ass kicked at chess ... twice ... in 3DO.

Something ironic to me about two people in the middle of a busy internet cafe playing chess ...

oh, and this idea I had ... 3DO has no soap in the bathrooms ... I look at the place, and I see dozens of unwashed, icky teenage boy hands, touching all the equipment over and over again ... So I want (and maybe sometime I will do this) to take a swab from the mice and keyboards (and Michael suggested the earphones) and culture it, see what grows.

Just to gross myself out.

Hung out with Michael for a while, and eventually I went home ...

A nice enough day off. All day, even.

Today I'm supposed to meet up with Jessica at some point ... and then off to Hollywood tonight.
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flaky people

Plans for this afternoon have changed on short notice, and I'm less than happy about it ... but what am I going to do. bitch? Do boring surveys to kill time? yup, i think so.

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