June 1st, 2003


What I do.

Last night at work I ...

Placed an IV catheter.
Gave Calcium Gluconate to an ecclamptic chihuahua.
Checked 3 patients out of the hospital.
Put an obnoxious greyhound in the back room.
Sedated said obnoxious greyhound after he continued to annoy me from the back room.
Gave an additional injection of sedative to the greyhound after the first injection did not achieve the desired effect.
Talked to Jessica.
Searched through the trash for a toe, removed from the greyhound and needed for biopsy, that the previous shift had accidentally thrown away.
Changed out the cat's litter box.
Changed out the cat's litter box.
Changed out the cat's litter box.
Cleaned up the cat's vomit.
Talked to Marge.
Set up a burial for a DOA schnauzer.
Swept the floors.
Checked vitals on all the patients.
Cleaned the exam tables.
Did the laundry.
Talked to Michael.
Emptied trash cans.
Played with Flea.
Ate the sandwich I brought with me.
Laughed my ass off at an incredibly fugly one eyed persian cat.
Introduced Flea to the one eyed persian. They stared at each other.
Read my book.
Looked at my new piercings in the mirror.
Read magazines.
Mopped the floors.
Restocked the crash kit.
Put my hair up in pigtails.
Gave a shot of antibiotics to a hound dog.
Restocked the treatment area.
Washed my hands a few dozen times.
Talked to Flea.
Smoked cigarettes.
Tried to watch the sun come up, but there were clouds.
Talked to alexvdl on AIM via my cell phone.
Laughed at a 63 pound beagle. Even the dog's tail was fat.
Drank soda.
Drank coffee.
Talked to Jamie when she came in.
Went home.

Let no one else ever again ask what I do at work ... sometimes it's more exciting, but this is typical.
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