June 3rd, 2003


not a lot ... but i am in school!

So I went out, for a little bit last night before work. It was mercifully quiet ... low stress for the most part. Saw dreammadeflesh, Jeremy that looks like Jesus, Nick, wubby. I made wubby hold flea while I went to the store. He seemed to handle that well enough.

Then off to work ... when I got there, I talked to Jamie for a few minutes about random things, chatting. She stops all of a sudden, and she's like, "are you going to be ok to work tonight?"

I hate when I'm so obviously not ok that people can see it.

In truth, I was not really ok to work last night. I couldn't handle the clients that came in, i couldn't remember all the things I was supposed to do. I wasn't really all there. But what am I going to do. I have to work.

I am getting better, I think.

So I finally get the hospital closed up, and I get home, and I remember that I am supposed to register for school today. So I get online, find a class, and call school. And I am now enrolled and paid up for History of Western Civilizations. Yay me. It's a filler class, just to be taking a class, but it's one I will need anyway. Point is, I am enrolled. Hopefully I will find no way to flake on this.

Today, I'm hoping to get my house cleaned up, made nice. I don't know what for. No one has to deal with it but me. But I want it clean, and I have to do it. We'll see how well this project goes. I also have to go to the store, but they are currently repaving my parking lot, and I don't want to carry bags of groceries across the street.

I agreed to work Wednesday night ... favor to Jamie. I have the option to work Sunday graveyard ... the money will be nice, but i don't know. I'm already working a lot this week. Last night, Wednesday, Thursday (swing shifts, both), Friday off, Saturday, maybe Sunday, Monday. I don't know if I can handle it. And I've got to e-mail Naomi about the Sunday shift tonight. *sigh* this whole having to work for a living thing.
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