June 5th, 2003


And I am not asleep yet why?

My body likes the graveyard schedule ... almost five am, and I am wide awake. Even though I would rather be asleep. Even though I cam home for the purpose of sleeping. Even though I would like to be up at a reasonable hour and get some stuff done before work.

My body does not care about these things.

Work ... my god. There are three people on a swing shift. Two techs and a doctor. If one of the techs is being a miserable fucking bitch, the doctor has the option of hiding out in her office. The other tech, namely me, has no option but to spend 7 hours with this miserable person. I wanted to walk out of the hospital today. This is not what I am paid for. But what else to be done.

After work, went out for a bit ... dropped by 3DO, saw dreammadeflesh, Scott, Armand, Nick, Scotty, wubby. Nice to see people ... spent far too long talking to Scott about contact lenses ... Tried to request songs from Armand while he was playing a guitar, with moderate success ...

Michael makes fun of me because I haven't seen so many movies ... but there are reasons for this. I have a really hard time sitting in a movie theater for 2 hours. I have no attention span. That and social phobias and crowed theaters are a bad combination. So I usually wait for stuff to come out on DVD. But I hate watching movies alone, so I only see stuff when someone has it and wants to watch it with me. I guess I'm missing out, somehow.

Reading a strange book borrowed from my brother, a book he had to read for school. "The Simpsons and Philosophy". A collection of essays, quite interesting. I look at the show in a whole new way. Bart Simpson and how Nietzsche's ideas relate to him ...

I love the smell of new book ... distinctive, and familiar ...

I remember all sorts of things in the middle of the night that I should remember during the day, when I can do them ... a list of people I've been meaning to call, people I need to go see ... errands to be run, debts that need paying. But I don't think of this stuff at any time it could be useful to me.

Fuck my memory.
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