June 9th, 2003


dreams in which i'm dying are the best i ever had

Watched Donnie Darko last night, with Michael ... that movie is fucking amazing ... thank you Marge for letting me borrow it ...

one more checked off the list of movies i need to see.

Maybe that will be my project for the summer ... work on that list. A good enough excuse to stay inside, in the A/C, in pleasant company.

So I'm in all sorts of good mood ... I know that I am suspicious, and paranoid, and insecure, but some of that worry has been lessened in my mind ... an increase in confidence, or something. I don't know ... i do know that I don't want to explain all the whys of it here ... but I am happy.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to dinner at Heather's ... she wants to have this little dinner party thing, which is so cute. Her tiny little apartment though ... It's just going to be me, Heather, Michael, and Will ... even that will be crowded. I think it will be great fun. The company is good, the conversation is always good with that group. And it's something different to do.

So with my schedule right now, this dinner thing means i have to sleep at my mom's tomorrow after work ... I don't know how well this is going to go. Hopefully she's gotten over my hair a bit.

I was a little shocked by the brightness at first, and I felt very conspicuous, I still do ... but I like this color, and it's getting positive reaction. So if my work lets me keep it, it may stay this way for a while. Brightened up for summer, or something. And it's been so long since I've had obnoxious hair ... i'm going to enjoy this for now.

I should be getting ready ... i actually have a time deadline for getting to OC tonight. But I lag as a matter of policy.
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