June 12th, 2003


cut you like you want me to

so i had the pointy end of a knife stuck into my elbow tonight because I am stubborn and would not let go of a hand ...

got all dressed up cute today for no real reason other than I felt like it, put my hair up in pigtails and went to OC ... straight to TC, as i am prone to doing ... saw many of the usual (and I love most of the usual) but it was a quiet night. I was going to go by IKEA and look for a dining room table, but by the time I came up with that idea, it was too late ... damn stores that are not open 24 hours. I almost came home after the place closed at 11, but dreammadeflesh showed up, and that's as good a reason as any to hang around till early in the morning ...

Tristan was around tonight with his hair all slicked back, i almost didn't recognize him. He's got some super early morning job in Fullerton now.

Saw no-neck Sean tonight too, he kept appearing and disappearing. Talked to him quite a bit. Cedar came by for a while with him, all tired from working 13 hours. Nice to see her again, she works so much she's hard to track down.

and now i have plans for something to do after work tomorrow. I'll be happy not to drive straight home after work tomorrow, and the company is good. And I'll finally get to see Fargo.

I am feeling all warm and fuzzy tonight ... with no alcohol, even! I'm ... dare i say it ... happy, i think.

and then I came home and did quizzes ... though i should get to sleep ...

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And I learned today that 6:30 pm is not a good time to run into petco to pick up some bird food on my way to somewhere else ... spent 20 minutes in line ... apparently everyone in Moreno Valley felt the need to buy dog food right then.

And now am going to sleep, as the sky is light and I can hear birds that are not mine.
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