June 14th, 2003


I am so not a goth.

A full moon Friday the 13th and I spend it at a coffeeshop? I am so not cool.

Went to Jeremy-that-looks-like-Jesus' apartment tonight with a bunch of people to watch the worst ... movie ... ever. "Devilfish" starring a bunch of French Canadians in a comically horrid Jaws rip-off ... we had fun with it, like MST3K. I like Jeremy, he's a genuinely nice guy. He's quiet, and I so identify with that. And he gave me whiskey.

Before that, TC. As usual ... but it wasn't going to be as usual, but then it was. Except that Steph brought one of her school friends, Aaron, who made me laugh my ass off. And he bonded with my chihuahua, on the Messican thing.

More stuff that made me laugh happened, but I'm not going to write about it here, as it would probably be inappropriate.

Oh yeah, and an emergency purchasing of pants for someone else.
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