June 24th, 2003


Lost at Hoag

So to go to the river last weekend, I had to get my Saturday shift covered. Tiffanie ended up working it for me, even though she never does graveyards and doesn't work weekends. Very sweet of her, and I was already groveling and owing her shifts and all that.

I come in last night for my grave, expecting to see either Tiff or Jamie working the swing shift, and Christie is there. Odd. I ask why, and she states that she is covering for Tiffanie. And where is Tiff, I ask, as it is unusual for Tiffanie to take a day off.

"In the hospital. She got mauled by a cat."

On my shift. She got torn up by a cat on the Sunday morning section of my Saturday graveyard shift.

I feel bad.

So after a hellish shift last night, in which I got to deal with the dumb, the crazy, the incompetence and laziness of my coworkers, and sudden death of a stable patient, I drive to Hoag to see Tiffanie.

I've never been there before. The place is a maze. And I find that walking through a hospital in scrubs and pink hair with no nametag gets me some mighty funny looks. Eventually I find her room, and hang out for an hour or so. Poor girl really did get it from this cat ... it sank its teeth into her forearm, held on with that, and shredded the rest of her arm with its claws. So she's on IV antibiotics, antinflammatories, all that. And work. well, the idiot manager at my work, is trying to get her to not claim workers comp on it.

Um ... isn't this the kind of thing we all pay into workers comp for? Lets see ... go to work ... get injured on the job ... end up in the hospital ... pretty cut and dry to me. That's reallly pissing everyone off, that the manager is trying to avoid any liability on this.

I'm still debating the meetup thing ... I'll be in OC about that time, I told Michael I'd stop by his work, but who knows, I'll end up where I end up. and now I'm just lagging and should go get ready.
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But i do seem to hug everyone i meet.