June 25th, 2003


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I am so warm and fuzzy right now ...


I am amazed that i feel this way, that i am letting myself feel this way ... that it is reciprocated ...

i couldn't ask for anything more. life is beautiful.

sometimes my being so damn stubborn is well worth it.
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I'm supposed to be studying right now

But I'm not. Not to say that I wasn't, but I read about as much about the French Revolution as I can handle for the moment.

So I re-dyed my hair (I was having serious fade problems) and dyed Flea pink.

I'd post a pic of that, but he won't let me anywhere near him right now. He didn't seem to enjoy being dyed all that much.

Last night ... lets see ... meetup, which was pretty much a non-event ... but it was nice to see a bit of a different crowd. And I got pie. Nummy. Before that, dinner at Michael's work ... which was also nummy.

After meetup, having nothing better to do, I went to Totally Coffee and wished for the next four hours (!) that I wasn't there. But no really viable escape presented itself. Or none that really motivated me to actually get up and leave.

Moments of free floating bitterness and hostility ... i think it may be a while before things are back to not weird ...

and a child ... Kim brought her daughter, who really seems like a sweet girl ... however, i do not like children ... some are tolerable ... she was trying to have fun with all of us, but i do not like being touched, do not like my hair being mussed up, do not like children interfering in conversations ... I think I may have crossed the line when I threatened her with Michael's knife.

It was funny to set her on the mission of harassing Justin ... he seemed more tolerant of her ... he is also the one who told her to go mess up my hair ...

later, went to Michael's house and hung out for a while ... i had planned to make an early night of things, but that never happens ... i hate watching the sun come up when i drive home.

and in the interest of killing time before my mid-term ...
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So my friend monty called out of nowhere yesterday ... he travels all over the country, and is back in OC for a few days and wants to hang out. So I'm probably going the meet up with him at the Locust show on Friday ... I was going to be there anyway to see my friend Ryan ... just weird to hear from him. Learned a new term from him today ... "upper-crusts". Meaning (from his perspective) snobby idealistic crust punks, the kind that don't drink themselves into oblivion and may actually contribute to social betterment. And the punk culture degenerates and divides further ... it's so many different little groups at this point ... when even the crusties are being divisive and elitist ... sad.

and now i gotta wash the dye out ...
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