June 26th, 2003


strange dreams involving highways

I just had three of the most disturbing hours of sleep I've ever had. Two dreams, both really really frightening, both involving people I know ... lots of cars and highways.

vivid, detailed, and scary as hell.

and I'm lonely, and i have so many things i wanted to get done around the house today and i didn't do (thanks to the napping, for the most part). I don't think I did so well on my test. The questions I did well with, but I couldn't remember much detail for the essay question. So I'm hoping for a C.

My schedule for this weekend is even more jacked than I remembered ... I work tomorrow night, swing shift. I was planning on going out after work, but i have to meet some people for breakfast Friday morning. Damn day people, meeting for fucking breakfast. And then they want me to go see Charlie's Angels 2 with them ... i don't think that's going to happen. Then I plan on going back to bed for a couple hours, and I'm supposed to go see a punk show Friday night. It would be really fucked of me if I didn't go, as I promised both Ryan and Monty that I would be there ... but I have only so much free time and there are people ... ok, a person ... that I'd rather spend it with. Then I work Saturday, 12 hour graveyard. And sleep some ... and then Sunday, 8 hour grave at Garden Grove. They'll probably never call me to work there again after i show up with this hair. And the goal there is always to try and get out before management shows up in the morning. And then Monday, school and work.

Not that you all wanted to see the details of my schedule, but I write it down for my own benefit.

i should have gone out tonight ...
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