June 28th, 2003


"You fucking grasshoppers, play some more!"

as heard at the locust show i went to tonight, after they finished their set.

i thought it was a cute heckle.

so yeah, a punk show ... crowds, sold out show, got in for free, strangers, smelly punk kids, the group of kids next to me in the smoking area discussing their high school classes and plans for senior year (god i feel old), some random girl walking up to me to tell me i'm pretty (good for my ego), damp with other people's sweat, hot room, loud music, drunk teenagers talking about how drunk they are, ballsy punk jumping the back fence and getting tackled by Ryan, my bouncer friend, chain smoking, and the Locust rocks. it's been years since i heard them.

and then TC ... drunk Sean. Irritated Christine. Michael ... just Michael. Jessie and Season very briefly. Kiersten making obscene suggestions (some people never give up) ... Q Club for a bit, fun conversation and a beer ... then Jeremy's apartment for some David Bowie and Eddie Izzard. And some quality time by the car.

All in all, a pleasant and entertaining evening.

Breakfast yesterday was nice ... Naomi brought me a set of Chihuahua testicles to add to my collection. Very sweet of her to think of me. It was just like old times ... Malissa, Naomi, myself, and sometimes Dr. Harris used to go to Dennys almost every Monday morning after our graveyard shift. But then Melissa moved to Virginia, and I quit. But we all used to have fun at breakfast, and it was nice to get together again with Melissa and Naomi.
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I already hate children enough.

So I walk out to my car a bit ago, off to the store for cat food. And I get out in the lot, and I think, "wasn't the dent on the other side of my car?" And I walk around to the other side of my car, and note that yes, the original dent is on my car's right side, and the left side has a nice new dent in it, with a dusty child size (i'm guesstimating about 8-11 year old) footprint in the center of it.

I hate the little monsters that run around my complex. This does not endear them to me any further.
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