June 30th, 2003


My poor doggie.

Flea is in the hospital today.

His back is not working correctly. I'd get into the medical details of it, but I am tired and do not feel like typing that much. He's not paralyzed, just weak and wobbly in the hind end. Basically he started losing the ability to use his back legs Saturday night. I realized what was going on Sunday, when I woke up in the afternoon, and took him with me to work. We placed an IV catheter and started him on steroids. This morning I took him to my daytime vet in Yorba Linda to care for him for the day.

He could end up paralyzed if the treatments he's been getting do not work.

He could end up needing a very major surgery on his spine.

He could get better. Time will tell.

Flea is in good hands today, with a vet I totally trust. Tonight while I am in school, my mom is going to pick him up, and after school I will take him to Central.

I'm scared to death. I'm worried. This is my baby. I want him to be well and happy. I think he is holding up better than I.
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