July 5th, 2003


kaboom. *jump*

I'm too fucking high-strung for holidays involving explosives. Especially all wired from work, on little sleep. My nerves have been on edge all night.

Didn't really do a whole lot tonight ... talked about going to Top of the World but never actually did ... Holly made me a balloon chihuahua, and we had this weird artsy craftsy balloon sculpture thing going on at TC, with requisite phallic jokes. I dunno ... stuff went on ... I was in an odd mood all night, i think due to my lack of sleep (which I should be catching up on now) ... anyway, not the most interesting friday night ever, except for all the noise. Oh, and we watched a truck get towed from the TC lot.

Saw people ... saw people behaving in a rather silly, self-important manner ... saw people i wanted to see, people i didn't want to see, and people I don't care about either way. I think that covers everyone.

worked this morning ... i woke up early, of all things ... went to sleep about 3, and i'm up at 6:30 ... my fucking body hates me. So I get to work about 8:45, a bit early, and the place is already slammed ... bad ... and it stays that way until about 3 pm ... when it stops. suddenly. and then nothing. Which allowed us to get caught up with the patient care, and me to get all my stuff ready and be out of there on time (exactly 8 hours of holiday pay ... oh yeah ... double time). I put an IV catheter into the ear of a dying bunny today ... not that it did a whole lot of good, we euthanized the bunny ... but it allowed the owners to be with the bunny when it died ... it's not an easy catheter to place. The doctor was impressed and I was quite proud of myself. Poor bunny came in with a body temp of 107.9 degrees.
And two dead dachshunds within five minutes of each other. similar age, appearance, size, and both requiring special body care. we were very careful to not get those two mixed up, but it was difficult.

so tomorrow ... today, whatever ... i have to go buy a new lip ring, since i lost mine a couple days ago ... I work at 9, all night ... that's pretty much the extent of my plans. not a lot going on. hopefully it's not too busy, and i won't be running in circles like I have been for the last two days. And then I don't have to work again until Monday night. yay. Sunday off to collapse at home.

I'm thinking I will be planning a trip to Monterey soon, but travel plans are so difficult to make ... i just want to see the aquarium again ...
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Jamie from work called and woke me up, asking how to work some of the equipment and run an activated clotting time test, and why was the clotting test not working when she used the blood from a tube with anticoagulant in it ... I'm always amazed at what people don't know ... but then she's got that whole successful band thing going on, and i don't ...

and i just don't know what i'm going to do with myself for the rest of the day. maybe i'll call brent, see what he's doing, since i'm in the neighborhood.

Oh, I talked to Tina last night online, and I'm worried about the girl. She's stuck in a bad situation, but i think she knows how to get out, and that she needs to get out. I offered her a place to stay, and she knows she's always had that available to her. I'd love to have her as a roomie. she cleans. and she's eye candy.

i just remembered the dream i had last night ... and it was really fucking disturbing. but it ended in a fairly semi-positive way. Still, I am tired of dreams where I am weak and subject to the will of otheres, and when i act strong in these dreams i hurt people. Nothing to be read into there, at all ...
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