July 14th, 2003


broken beaten exhausted stressed sad worn out.

I'm worn out and broken down ... and no end in sight, just the break i have today ... and I have three hours of school tonight, but to only have one thing i have to do is a bit of a relief.

Took Alex to the airport today, and quite sad to see him go. He's been good company.

I'm sensing dark clouds again ... I've been happy for a while, keeping afloat even through flea's problems and my associated cash flow problems. I've been really trying to maintain happy through this weekend, since alex was out here and i don't want to be a bitter moping hostess. But it catches up ... an irregular and crowded schedule, not enough sleep, lots of worries ... I'm with the one i love right now, and that's barely keeping my head above water. I've been fighting to not cry.

So after school, I don't have to work tonight. I've got a vet seminar (on antibiotics and geriatric medicine) tomorrow night, then I work a graveyard shift, and then wednesday I come home and collapse until school time. Thursday I work. Friday I work. Saturday I work. Sunday I've set aside for coma and housecleaning. And then start all over again.

Someone make it stop.
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