July 17th, 2003


really ... really ... bored

so this is what I'm doing while I'm supposed to be cleaning my house ... i have gotten some cleaning done ... well, i moved a chair and put the groceries away, and cleaned half of the sink ...

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i'm too fucking tired to do any hard-core cleaning around here ... it's so hot in the daytime, that I can only get a couple hours of sleep ... i woke up three hours before i had to today ...

and i just realized that one of my babyland cd's has a music video on it ... so way cool.
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    Babyland - Gehry

Pictures are up!

alexvdl sent me the pics he took while he was out here, and I have posted most of them up on my site here. They came out pretty well, I did some cropping and touching up and stuff.

And that's what I've been doing this afternoon instead of cleaning or running errands or paying bills or getting ready for work.
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    Mazzy Star - Be My Angel