July 24th, 2003


Bad days don't always stay that way ...

sometimes Aleve and Michael and Guinness make it all better ...

stopped by TC last night ... I had stuff to do but I figured what the hell, I bitch about not seeing my friends and I'm in the area, so why not ... saw Sean and Tyler, and mocked them because I saw Cake and Devo and they didn't (in my own defense, they brought the subject up). Saw heartcooksbrain for a little bit. Chatted with Brittany and her sean, and dreammadeflesh showed up after work. He bought me nummy cigarettes ... so sweet. We went and got a drink, returned to the patio, and listened to guys talk about how great their cars were until i couldn't take it anymore. So we came by my mom's house, and hung out here for a while until he went home and I went unconscious.

Michael got my locked desk drawer open, and it became apparent that my brother, contrary to what he has told me, has had access to that desk drawer ... so I'm thinking of just taking the desk while my parents are gone, and seeing how long until he comes looking for his "Girls Gone Wild Uncensored" DVD.

I got my video camera working ... yay. Now I just need to go buy a videotape for it ... I'm using my parents' charger right now, but that will work as long as i'm staying here. And my camera has this neato "nightvision" thing, which makes everything look creepy and green.

Today ... I have to go to work tonight, swing shift. Before that, I think I'm going to go buy underwear, because mine have been disappearing ... I'm down to like four pair. I think my dryer has them stashed somewhere.
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