July 27th, 2003


negativity ...

I'm starting to think I'm too ambitious for my job, and maybe I should just start coming in and doing my job like everyone else, and stop with the trying to make anything better. I like change ... i like rocking the boat a bit ... other people do not seem to like change ... therein lies conflict.

Everyone I dealt with last night, co-worker wise, had a total attitude, with the exception of Christie. I'm tired of getting snippy remarks from people I work with. I don't know ... i go to my job, love my job ... i was in a great mood until devon showed up at 7:30, half an hour early and all pissy. don't fucking come in early to be grouchy at me ...

I'm really starting to like working with Christie. She's happy, she works hard, she's smart. I give this a couple months before she turns into everyone else there.

Even Jamie was all bitter, but she has her reasons.

Michael coming to see me at work keeps me happy ... sane ... it's nice to have someone to hug in the middle of a hellish night like last one ...

my patients last night ...
rattlesnake bite
post-op enterotomy
possible intestinal obstruction
vestibular disease

at least i had a variety.

so the hair turned out beautifully ... I'd post a pic if i could get the camera to take a decent one ... i think i've found the red I've been looking for all along.

today, the plan is ... swimming. and that's the only plan. i will relax on my day off, dammit. if it kills me.
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