July 28th, 2003


deep fried tofu?

So i was thinking earlier ... Jay and Aronda's wedding was Wednesday. I missed this wedding because I had a midterm that day. And I drove up to school from OC that day, and found when I got there that class was canceled. Which irritated me. and now, that I'm realizing that I missed the wedding for a test that didn't happen, it's really irritating me.

In a few minutes, I'm off to riverside again ... to go take the test, take care of my animals, and then come back down here for a shift tonight. Oh joy ... the commute wears on me. I hope my mom's car has the Fasttrak thing in it, but i think they took it with them ...

As much as I hate fasttrak, i'm not above using it when it's paid for by someone else.

Tried out a Thai place last night, mostly because they delivered and I was in no mood to go out (that would have required effort) and it was quite good. I ordered the deep-fried tofu appetizer, just because it's the unhealthiest preparation of tofu i could imagine. And you know what? It was good ...

Spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing and it was quite pleasant. I didn't get the chance to go swimming ... i stuck one foot in and the water was icy ... damn broken heater, shaded pool.
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Waiting on the thunder ...

had the most pleasant drive down here ... this night feels frantic and wild.

I opened all the windows on the truck and drove at about 90 most of the way, the new VAST cd turned up so loud ... warm damp air from the windows, blowing through my hair and sending my high school graduation tassle spinning ... watching the lightning divide my sky ... the distinct smell that southern california has after a storm ... and feeling the whole way like i was chasing the rain ... not a drop for the whole trip, but surrounded by flashes of light all the way.

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i feel so strange today ...

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