August 13th, 2003


Better ...

This shift is flying by ... I've been here by myself (well, with a doctor. but no other techs) since 6 pm. We've been fairly busy ... two critical cases, bloodwork and fluids and everything. It's hard to handle by myself, but we got it all done. And it's been quite a day for odd animals, too ... so far, I've x-rayed a racoon, pulled a dart out of a dove, euthanized a seizuring guinea pig, and cleaned the wounds of a possum.

it gets interesting around here sometimes.

i miss hanging out. i read about everyone getting together, hanging out ... and i'm envious ... this is supposed to be my month between school sessions. I'm only supposed to be working three days a week, not seven. I want to go out and have fun.

I do get some fun in. Michael and I saw Babyland last night at spaceland. Quite good ... small venue inconveniences ... violent little pit ... michael and i both ended up somewhat injured, but it was all good ... what's a few bruises when it's so much fun.

Babyland was awesome as always. Talking to a guy who works days here, and is also a Babyland fan, he was saying that clubs aren't letting them do pyro anymore. Which is sad ... the sparks and fire were a great part of the show.

I'm trying to convince my little brother to start an LJ ... he's a really talented writer. I think it would be interesting. and it would help us stay in touch. Though I don't know that I want him reading my details ... not that i put the most personal stuff in here.

oh, and this heat ... it needs to go away now. i don't like sweating.
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why is this so difficult?

My doctor's office just called ... my insurance is not going to cover an IUD, and my doctor wants to "discuss my options for birth control pills."

And this at the end of a long night ... I almost started crying on the phone. I can't do that to my body anymore. I shouldn't have to make myself miserable just to protect myself from the risk of spawn.

Fuck me.

I'm going to bed now and hoping for something better when i wake up.
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