August 16th, 2003


Purged of worminess.

My computer has been dewormed.

I find this strange, seeing as how i usually only deworm animals.

And i always found that to be a strange term ... deworming ... sounds like some sort of a procedure, like i'm reaching up into some puppy and manually fishing the worms out of its intestines, when really it's just a pill or maybe a shot. Kinda misleading.

Cody and Joe came down with two friends to TC and hung out tonight, and great fun was had by all ... we went over to Q club and played some of my usual inconsistent pool, and I kicked Joe's ass at Cutthroat. They ended up hanging out with us in front of TC until after the lights went off. Turns out Cody knows Marine Justin from high school, and remembers him as "the bane of her existince" in her english class. I find this soooo humourous.

Justin and Amy showed up tonight, haven't really seen them around in a while. She's starting to show, a little belly. Michael does not seem to be able to resist the urge to make coathanger jokes.

Before Cody and Joe showed up, I was hanging out with Marge, Ben, Steph, Norm, and Andy & Kelly. I like hanging out with all of them ... so rare has the opportunity come up lately. Ben brought pictures he took ... Flea is in some of them and he is oh-so-cute. Flea got a new tag today, with my current phone number. I just added it to the other tag on his collar, so now he is extra jingly.

I did end up tonight with my hand in the cleavage of both Marge and Kelly. Sorry Steph, next time.

Everybody has these new cameraphones ... another little digital toy. I suppose it won't be too long and I'll end up with one. Maybe. Cell phones are not something I've ever bothered to get all high-tech with. Probably because I know my propensity for losing small things.

I missed my doctor's appointment. Bad Kasey. Rescheduled.

Spent the afternoon cleaning someone else's house. Mine is still a mess. I'm going to get some of it taken care of when I wake up, it's the last chance I really have before I go to the river.

After that, I ate dinner at Michael's work, and then went shoe shopping ... got this sexy little pair of red high heels, some short boots, and a pair of kick-ass knee high boots with buckles up the sides and three inches of platform. They're a little too big for me, but I'll make do. Can't go wrong at the outlet store ... all that for $25. I love Footsies.

Had a bunch of fun tonight, but for whatever reason, I was kinda stressed by the end of it ... you may know part of the reason ... but i don't think that's all ... little annoyances and a lot of sleep deprivation make kasey a little crazy ...

Three more shifts (sat grave, sun swing, and mon grave) and then I'm off to the river ... wee hoo!

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and i wake up today to find that my computer is not, in fact, purged of it's worminess, as it so appeared last night.

I'm gonna kick the damned thing to pieces, i swear.

oh well, when i have more time, i try again. and eventually i'll fix my brother's computer, too. Off to work now.
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