August 23rd, 2003


Most of a day off

22 hours of day off, 2 hours of work ... not too bad ...

I was all set to do very little, but it rarely works out that way ... to catch up ... got dressed up all cute with full makeup ... washed my car and went and ate dinner at michael's work ... left there and went to pick up marge to do a little shopping and go to TC. I'm at Brookhurst and Hamilton, just about to make the right turn there, when my phone rings. Caller ID = work.

Devon: Hey ... what are your plans for the evening?
Me: Probably not very much if you're calling me.
Devon: My three dogs tore each other up and Troy is bringing them in, and we're busy already ... can you come in for a while?
Me: Sure, no problem.

And I don't feel bad for going in on my day off. Her dogs were a mess. I'd hope someone would help me in that situation. I'm just glad I had scrubs in the car.

Of course I got bit during the two hours I was there, by Devon's boxer. At least it was my left hand. Thumb, actually.

So when things calmed down at Central, I put my real clothes back on, went and picked up Marge, and went to TC. It was a fun evening ... I was in quite a mood ... watched Lisa sleep on the bench ... chatted with Kim about our sexual injuries, and Christine showed up for a while and we got to be catty and bitchy together ... it was great. Deciding who should just go the fuck away and leave our friends alone ...

Towards the end of the night, I was not feeling well, and couldn't figure out why ... nausea ... I'm not prone to nausea either ... maybe the mocha I drank, maybe that i had just vegetables for dinner ... Michael bought me a beer, and that helped a bit ... beer helps everything ... but it didn't really go away until i got home and had some rice.

Sparky tells some damn entertaining stories ... i like that guy. Reminds me of old friends.

It was a night of many strange conversations, actually ... the tc incestuous circle of fuck, road head, sexual injury, nipple piercing ooze, ninja tweaker thieves ...

And there was much creative use of shoulder pads that i cut out of my jacket.

"Its amazing ... I can spend three days with only you, and still be so happy to see you the next day ... you should feel so honored that you don't annoy the hell out of me ..."

- me, to you know who ...

nothing going on tonight but work ... saturdays blow ...
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realized last night:

trying to shave my gigantic matted cat at home, by myself, with a cheap set of clippers was a very bad idea.

Oberon is coming to work with me on monday.