September 3rd, 2003


I like a lot of vodka with a little collins

There's one guy at Little Knight who really knows how to make my drinks ...

My day off yesterday was really nice ... Went shopping, hung out at TC for a little bit waiting for Michael to be done with school, went by my work with him to get flea a shot for his itching, and it was quite the social event. It was Rick Spicer's first day there, Jamie and Christie were there, and Vlad my cop friend stopped by. Christie had her fugly cat that stares at the floor with her. I tried to get flea to play with it, but he didn't really want to. went by Little Knight to get a drink and relax a bit ... i like it there when it's quiet.

I tried to tell myself that I was going to get home fairly early, but I ended up hanging out talking to Michael until late, as usual. But if i didn't love it, I wouldn't do it. I do appreciate a good conversation so much ...

I finally got to check out the new IKEA store in Costa Mesa. If I were only a rich girl ... but I'm not, so I buy their cheapo stuff and love it anyway. Kelly went with me ... i think I bored her to death but it's nice to have company when I shop. I got hot pink pillows for my white couch, and a shelf for all my DVD's and games (so I don't have to stack them on my coffee table) and a little TV stand to match it.

I started school today. English composition. This class is not going to be easy for me. I'm more nervous now than I was before the class. I haven't passed a meaningful English class since junior high school and I'm supposed to be able to diagram a sentence ... fuck ... i'm so out of my league here. LiveJournal is the closest thing to writing I have done lately.

My teacher (who is quite reminiscent of Christopher Lloyd) requires 5 books for this class, and wanted us all to go get them during the break. So 20 minute break ... totally crowded bookstore on the second day of school ... I don't know how the guy expected that to work out, and it really didn't. But I got all my books, plus the book I'll need for my anthropology class, and I'm now down $230.

Stop at Target on the way home to get a backpack, and picked up a few other things that were on clearance. There were no pink backpacks on sale, i had to get a blue one. pout. Got some nifty candles that smell like coffee and a little board to stick notes on, and an amethyst anklet, all super cheap. I love clearance sales.

Then to the grocery store to spend more money, since there were very few edibles left in my house. And what was left was missing pieces ... i had cheese but no bread, cereal but no milk (and grape nuts just aren't great with water).

I still have to go by Petco and get birdie food ... but I'm unwinding a bit from today ... and waiting for it to cool off some, it's a fucking furnace out there. It's nice to be in my house. All the animals have been all over me, they miss me when I'm gone all the time. Tonight, before work, I'm going to get to the cleaning ... I've gotten quite a bit done already, and I have a plan for most of the rest of it. This is really my only day to do it before I go to New Orleans. I have Sunday and Monday off, but Sunday I'm going to pack and Michael is coming up here, and Monday I have school. Tuesday morning, i fly away.
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